Metal Nameplates


  • Extended image durability
  • High definition image
  • High resistance to: Extreme environments, low/high temperatures, UV effect, common chemicals: abrasion, corrosion, mechanical damage (for full information on durability characteristics see the attached Metalphoto® datasheet)

SILMOR has been using Metalphoto® technology and products for 20 years. Metalphoto® panels can be used for identification of a wide variety of equipment as well as for advertising and promotional needs. Metalphoto® technology’s flexibility allows it to be used for outdoor signs, name tags, direction signs, commemorative plaques and much more. We guarantee a high degree of printing accuracy of graphic images, text and even photographs.

Technical specification

DURABILITY Metalphoto®

  • - 50o C to +530o C
  • High resistance to extreme weather conditions and broadly used chemicals
  • Black and white image life-span is over 20 years; color image life-span depends on UV exposure

MATERIAL – chemically modified anodized aluminum


  • 0.13, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.6 mm and more


  • Satin or matte surface
  • Silver, gold (0.5 mm), mirror silver (0.5 mm), mirror gold (0.5 mm), copper (0.5 mm)


  • As required by the customer


  •  600 x 500 mm (maximum)


  • As required


  • Industrial adhesives (stick to almost any surface)
  • Screwed or nailed
  • Clips
  • Magnet
  • Safety pins
  • Chain


  • 1 piece


We manufacture our products exclusively with top-quality certified materials. The warranty corresponds to the material specification and employed production technologies. This way we can ensure a high-value result.


Quality is the core principle of our work, pushing continued development and improvement of our company. We regularly inspect all products to guarantee a result that meets the clients requirements.



SIA PERUZA has been cooperating with SILMOR for over 10 years. We have always received what we value most: precision, quality, adherence to deadlines and, if need be, express orders. From time to time, new materials and solutions are offered. PERUZA machines with SILMOR markings and plaques operate across the globe.


SIA Biosan has been cooperating with SIA SILMOR for several years. We are happy with the quality of the products (plastic labels) and our orders are made within the set deadlines. Laboratory equipment manufactured by Biosan is exported to many different countries around the globe, and we know that the visual appearance of equipment is of great importance.
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